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5 Steps to Get Set Up with GAIL

Whether you signed up for GAIL directly through our website ( or with the assistance of a Sales Representative, please keep an eye on your inbox for an email from

This email will contain an invitation link that you must click on and accept to access your portal. If you haven't received this email, please reach out to, and we'll assist you promptly. Also, kindly check your spam folder just in case the email landed there.

Once you've clicked on "Accept Invitation" and set up your login information, you will be able to access your account. Upon logging in, you will be asked for some brief information and then taken into your portal.

Here are 5 easy steps to get set up with GAIL from there:

  1. Settings → First, tell us a bit about your agency and preferences. Here you’ll fill out your Agency Details, let us know which email(s) should receive notifications from GAIL whenever it makes or takes a phone call on your behalf, select your GAIL voice, customize your outbound call number, and verify your agency
  2. Receptionist → Then head over to your Receptionist tab. In this section you’ll be able to view important call metrics once you’ve activated GAIL. You’ll also be able to build your team directory for call transfers, individual, and department contact information to provide your customers with. Most importantly, you will see an orange button that says ‘Receptionist Setup.’ Click there and allow GAIL to walk you through the process.
  3. Scripts → If your goal is to utilize GAIL for Inbound support, select the inbound script. Here, you'll provide GAIL with detailed information about your agency and its processes to enable it to effectively support your customers and prospects.  If your goal is to utilize GAIL for Outbound calls (like prospecting), select or create an outreach script. You may also create a script from scratch.
  4. Set up Call Forwarding → On your ‘Calls’ page you’ll find your GAIL phone line. You can establish call forwarding functionality through your VoIP provider. Typically, you can do this by contacting your VoIP provider directly or logging into your VoIP portal/account to configure call forwarding settings. Many VoIP providers offer help articles and videos to assist you in this process. Once you’ve set up your Inbound Script and Call Forwarding, you’re ready for GAIL to start answering inbound calls!
  5. Run a Campaign → Whether it's contacting customers for renewals, payment reminders, or sending birthday wishes, or reaching out to leads about insurance, creating a Campaign is essential. Upload your list of contacts to your ‘Contacts’ page and you’re ready for GAIL to start making outbound calls!

If you have any questions or concerns,  please reach out to, and we'll assist you promptly.  Our GAIL Support Center is available to you 24/7, call (786) 808-2077.