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How to Improve your Inbound Script

💡Tip: Edit your Greeting to say something like,

"Agency Name, this is GAIL speaking, how may I help you today?"

We've found changing the greeting to read this way, helps GAIL sound more human-like!

Not sure what else you should be including or changing within  your Inbound Script? We've compiled a list of Tasks from real-life Agencies successfully using GAIL. 

Tasks for Improving Your Outbound Script Intro-3

The image above describes scenarios to consider before GAIL starts taking calls on your behalf. We recommend writing Tasks for GAIL to follow based on these scenarios. Below are popular Tasks you can copy and paste right into your Scripts!

Billing Tasks


Routing for Requests to make a payment or billing questions: You transfer the call to Jane Doe.

Sample Phrase: I will connect you to Jane Doe, our live agent, who will be happy to assist you further.

Task If the caller is inquiring urgently about payments or claims, please direct them to our Service Center at [website]. Here they can locate their insurance provider, access customer service portals, and contact their insurance carrier for assistance with payment links. If they would rather speak with our agent please schedule a time for a call back or offer them to leave a voicemail.


Verifying Coverage Tasks


Routing Calls Related to Banks or Mortgage Companies looking to verify coverage: When banks or mortgage companies call for verification we ask that they fax their requests to [phone number] and we will respond as quickly as possible


Routing Calls Related to Banks or Mortgage Companies looking to verify coverage: You transfer the call to Sarah if the callee refers to mortgages or lenders.

Sample Phrase: Since your inquiry is related to mortgages or lenders, I will connect you with John Doe, our specialist in that area.


COI and Adjustment Tasks


If a customer is asking to make an adjustment on a C O I or Certificate of Insurance, please ask them the following:

1) Please confirm the insured's identity by asking them their full name, and email and policy number

2) Ask them if their call is about a C O I that they received already and it needs a change, or, if it's a new certificate request.

3) If it's a new request, please gather all of the information needed to complete the Certificate. Ask the following questions:

a. what is the exact name and address of the Certificate holder? 

b. Do they need to be listed as an additional insured?

c. Is there any particular wording that needs to be listed in the description of operations?

Task Routing Calls Concerning Certificates of Insurance: You transfer the call directly to Jane Doe.


Claims Tasks


How to handle auto claim: If a customer calls in to file a claim, please ask them the following questions to get an adequate first notice of loss. Keep  your responses short.   Calm the caller and ask if they are safe.


How to handle home claims:

  1. Inquire about the nature of home claims: You ask for details about the home insurance claim to better understand the situation.
  2. Ask about estimates for home claims: You check if the caller has already received an estimate for the damages.
  3. Ask the customer if they think the claim may be more or less than their deductible
  4. If they aren't sure what their deductible is, suggest transferring to a customer service agent to figure that out.
  5. We suggest getting an estimate prior to placing the claim to make sure it's in the customer's best interest to place the claim. 
  6. If the customer insists on placing the claim, then we would ask what carrier they're with and transfer them over to that carrier.

Inquire about witnesses: You ask if there were any witnesses to the incident.

Sample Phrase: Were there any witnesses to the incident? If yes, could you provide their contact details?


You request any documents or evidence related to the claim.

Sample Phrase: Please provide any relevant documents or evidence you have, such as photos, police reports, or repair estimates. How can you send those to us?


You explain the next steps in the claim process.

Sample Phrase: Once we have all the necessary information and documents, we will begin processing your claim. Our claims department will review everything and may reach out if more information is needed. You can expect a follow-up from us within [specify timeframe].

Requests to Speaking to a Live Agent and Other Transfer Tasks


If the Customer Requests to Speak to a Live Agent Request Their First and Last Name: You collect the customer's full name and confirm the spelling of the last name.

Sample Phrase: Sure, I’d be happy to assist in transferring you over to someone who can assist.
A. Can you spell your last name for me please?


If the Customer Requests to Speak to a Live Agent: Kindly let them know that unfortunately live agents are not available at the moment, but we will get back to them as soon as possible. Ask if they would like to leave a detailed message for you to provide an agent with. Gather necessary contact information for a callback. Thank the caller for their patience.

Task If you're unable to answer the question the caller has, apologize for not knowing the answer and then please transfer the call over to a customer service agent who can better assist them. Thank the caller for their patience before doing so and wish them a wonderful rest of their day.
Task If you're unable to answer the question the caller has and this call is after-hours, apologize for not knowing the answer and let the customer know that we will have an agent give them a call back during our operating hours. Please take a detailed message from the caller, and gather contact information such as name, email, phone number, and address. Please confirm the spelling of all of these details. Thank the caller for their patience before doing so and wish them a wonderful rest of their day.

Inbound Tasks for Prospects


General questions to ask all new prospects:

  1. Where did you hear about or get referred to this insurance agency?
  2. What is the name of the applicant or proposed insured?
  3. What is your date of birth?
  4. What is your marital status?

For prospects interested in Commercial Auto Insurance: Collect Driver and Vehicle Information

  1. How many years of commercial driving experience do you have?
  2. Have you been involved in any accidents or received any traffic violations in the past five years?
  3. What are the usage details of the vehicles, including whether they are owner-driven, allowed to be taken home, and if family members drive them?
  4. Could you provide details of the vehicles, such as make, model, year, and vehicle identification numbers (VINs)?
Task For prospects interested in Trucking Insurance: gather their FMCSA, DOT number, and other relevant information to their trucking operations like cargo and filing Information
Task  For prospects interested in Life and Health Insurance: Collect Health History Information 

Discuss Additional Coverage and Cross-Selling Options: You explore potential for cross-selling other types of insurances like home, life, or umbrella insurance.

Sample Phrase: Are you also interested in exploring other insurance options such as home, life, or umbrella insurance that could provide additional security and potential savings?


For prospects interested in Homeowner Insurance: Collect Property Information

  1. Where is the property located?
  2. Do you own or rent the property, and for how long?
  3. How many square feet is your property?
  4. Are there any additional features like a pool, trampoline, or pets?