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How to Improve your Outbound Script

We’ll be using the Renewal Confirmation script for this example.

A great way to reach out to your Customers who may need to renew their policy is to run a Campaign. Say you’ve already got a list of those Customers uploaded onto your Contacts page and are almost ready to start reaching out using the Script that’s ready for you. You’ve tested it a bit and are happy with what it sounds like, but would like to tweak your script to give GAIL more specific instructions. 

Here are a few tasks to consider adding to your outbound script:

Tasks for Improving Your Outbound Script Intro


First,  we’re changing the 'Greeting' to something a bit more natural for a better flow of conversation.


Then we’re giving GAIL tasks on how to handle 4 different situations:

  1. The customer actually picks up the phone – GAIL asks if they have a moment to answer a few questions
  2. The customer picks up the phone but doesn’t want to talk – GAIL asks if they can reschedule for another time or provide contact information to who to reach out to when they’re ready to talk
  3. The customer would like to reschedule a call for another time 
  4. The person who picks up the phone is not the customer – GAIL introduces itself and asks to be transferred over to the customer or leave a message

You can copy and paste the tasks below, and organize them into your Script. Move the tasks up to the top. 

🎉 And that’s it! Once you’re happy with what it sounds like, go ahead and hit ‘Update Script.’ 

⬇️  Copy and Paste these.

GREETING: Hi, is this Contact First Name?

Task 1: If it's Contact First Name Introduce yourself and the reason for the call: This is GAIL from Agency Name, and I'm calling you to find out if we can help you with your business insurance needs. Do you have a moment to answer a few questions?

Task 2:  If it is Contact First Name but it’s not a good time to talk, offer to reschedule: You express eagerness to help them reschedule for a more convenient time.

Sample Phrase: Do you have a minute right now to find a good time to reschedule?

  1. If yes, inquire about availability
  2. If not, provide contact options

Task 3: You ask the customer for their availability and time zone to ensure scheduling accuracy. If they only provide one time, please ask them to provide one or 2 more time slots that could work for them.

Sample Phrase: Could you share what days and times work best for you? And don’t forget to mention your time zone!

Task 4: If this is not Contact First Name, please let them know who you are: You are GAIL, on behalf of Agency Name  and are calling Contact First Name find out if we can help them renew their coverage with us. Ask to be transferred over to Contact First Name if possible. If not possible, please ask them to leave a message for Contact First Name that says to get in touch with us at the earliest convenience so they may reschedule a time together.