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Learn More About GAIL

Welcome to GAIL! 

GAIL is an Insurance AI tool that is capable of having human-like conversations, built to lower Customer Acquisition, and Support costs. GAIL is the only Artificial Intelligence tool specifically created for Insurance Agencies.

Need someone to help you answer the phone after-hours? Want to have someone call your list of leads while you work on the other aspects of your business? It’s all here, on GAIL.



You don't need to be an expert on all things technology to effectively use our platform at work. In fact, getting started takes just a few minutes.

App Sidebar

Use the app sidebar to find quick access for calls, contacts, campaigns, scripts, GAIL brain and settings.

Account Settings

Update and manage basic account information such as business information, personal information, privacy & security settings, and billing information.


Through your user portal, you are able to quickly find caller information, view which calls are Sales or Support related, see the duration of the call, tell if a call-back was scheduled, and most importantly – your GAIL phone line. Select a call to see relevant information of that call such as a brief summary, transcript, and recording.

Ensuring that your calls are directed to GAIL is key to delivering the best possible service.

Here is a guide to set up call forwarding to GAIL depending on your VOIP provider.


You’ll be able to create contacts and contact lists through your customer portal. All contacts are 3rd parties that you should have identified with consent to be called. Once you’ve confirmed you have customer consent, GAIL can service these contacts by performing inbound or outbound calls.

Contacts lists are groupings of contacts. Contact lists are utilized to define who GAIL calls during a given campaign.

You may import your contact(s) by uploading them in CSV, XLX, or XLSX format.


Once you have created or uploaded your contacts and contacts lists, you may create a campaign. Campaigns allow you to perform outbound calls to a list of contacts. When creating a campaign, you'll define the purpose of the campaign by selecting a call script. Once GAIL performs a campaign, users will be able to visualize and download the results of that campaign.


Call Scripts are what you will tell GAIL you would like for GAIL to respond to your customers depending on the situation. You will have a predefined set of call scripts you can edit and use, or you may create a script of your own.

In your portal you will find a library of script templates for you to use.

GAIL Brain

Provide GAIL with specific information about your company and operations so that GAIL will know how to react when speaking with your customers and prospects.