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Your Settings Page


1. Navigate to

2. Fill out your Agency Details. Be sure to include "https://" in your Agency Website



3. Type your Agency Website 

4. Type in your address and select it from the drop-down menu



5. Select the address from the drop-down menu



6. Click the "Primary Contact Phone" field. Enter your phone number



7. Be sure not to include a +1 in front of the phone number

8. Click "Save Agency Details"



9. Click "Add Notification" to let us know which email(s) should receive notifications from GAIL whenever it makes or takes a phone call on your behalf



10. Add email(s) to be notified


11. Click on the Selected Voice



12. Choose your voice preference



13. Click the "Enter Phone Number" field for Call Masking



14. Click "Show One Time Code" to trigger a call and verify the number



15. Once all of your Agency Details have been inputted, click "Verify Agency"



16. Fill out your business information