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Frequently Asked Questions About GAIL

Let's take a look at the most commonly asked questions about GAIL.

Who should I email for Support?

Please direct all Support questions via email to

What is a Campaign?

Campaigns are used to enable GAIL to make outbound calls to customers and prospects on an Agency's behalf. Learn more about Creating Campaigns.

What is a Script?

Call Scripts are  a set of predefined responses created for GAIL. GAIL uses a Call Script when running a Campaign to engage and have conversations. Learn How to Tailor a Call Script before running a campaign.

Learn how to Improve your Inbound Script
Learn how to Improve your Outbound Script

What are Tasks?

Tasks are the steps GAIL is instructed to follow within a Call Script. You may edit, add, and delete Tasks. If you wish to control the flow of the conversation  you may reorganize them as well. 

How do I upload my Contacts?

You may upload your contacts on the Contacts page as shown here.

There is no need for using template any more. They can choose which columns align with the data we expect and we will show them any errors or warnings and allow them to update the data without having to leave the upload experience. (Updated Mar 20, 2024)  

I don't know which questions I should add to my own GAIL FAQs. Can you share some ideas?  

Sure, we've compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions agency owners are adding to their portals. 

Why are my calls from GAIL coming up as "Scam Likely" when I run a campaign?

If your phone calls are being flagged as "Scam Likely," it's likely due to the phone carrier's spam detection system. This system uses various algorithms to identify potential scam or spam calls based on caller information such as number patterns, frequency of calls, and user reports.

To fix this, we just need to verify your agency. You can do this by making sure all of your Agency Details are filled out and you've verified your Agency on your Settings page.  Here's what you need to do.

Can I change GAIL's name?

Yes, you can do this by going to your Scripts.

Navigate to the Call Script you wish to use > Step 2: Messages > Greeting.  Here you may edit to say, for example, "Hello! This is Jane calling from . Once you've edited your Greeting, scroll down and Click "Update Script."

When will GAIL be able to speak Spanish?  Can I change GAIL's voice to sound female?

Multiple languages, including Spanish, and voice variations (accents) are currently in development and will be released in the near future.

How do we set up outbound emails and texts from GAIL or is this not available yet?

You are now able to set up SMS and email functionalities if you have an account with Zapier.

I can't seem to create a contact list, and without a list, I can't create any campaigns. Can you help me with this?

In order to create a list, you've first got to upload your contacts. Once you've uploaded your contacts then you can group them. If that does not work for you, please report it on the banner at the very top of your portal that reads, "Let Us Know."

How can my customers call my GAIL line? Should I give people the direct number to call?

Your GAIL phone line is located on the top righthand side of your Calls page. Whether you choose to give your customers your GAIL line to call directly, or integrate it with your VoIP provider is entirely up to you based on what you think will work best for your agency. If you're interested in Call Forwarding, please visit our Guide on how to set up your  Agency phone line to transfer calls over to GAIL.

How many calls can our GAIL account make at once?

GAIL can make up to 1000 calls at once.

Can we control how many times GAIL calls per day?

Currently, GAIL can call a lead up to twice per campaign, but future updates will provide more configurability, ensuring responsible calling practices.

Can GAIL provide examples when asking questions?

Yes, by specifying examples in your instructions, GAIL can provide contextually relevant queries.

Can I set up integrations with my CRM?

You are now able to set up integrations for GAIL through certain CRMs and other applications via Zapier.

What happens once GAIL finishes a call, and where is the information captured?

Currently, call information sits on the GAIL portal, but you are able to receive summaries via email after each conversation. To learn how to receive these summaries click here. Integrations with AMS and CRMs are also planned for automated data transfer. 

Can GAIL create or generate COIs if a customer needs to add a different certificate holder?

This feature is not available yet, but it's in our pipeline. We're working on integrating with various systems to automate tasks like COI adjustments.

I don't see where I can create a new script or if that option is available. We would like to create our own script from scratch and wondering how this is done?

The ability to create and/or delete your own script is coming very soon! However, you can now modify your scripts easier than ever before. Here's a step-by-step guide and video to learn how to do so.